Photography may not be my vocation, but it has certainly been a life long avocation for me. I shoot both film and digital, and while I do not have a specific genre, I lean towards landscape and travel/lifestyle photography. 
My digital  cameras include the Ricoh GR, Sony A7riii, Sony RX1, and the 28, 40, and 75mm Merrill DP cameras. Film cameras are a Toyo 4 x 5 (which I rarely use) a Minolta 6 x 6 Autocord, and even a Rollei 35s.
UPDATE: Lately (as of 2023) I've pretty much been only using the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Amazing what that camera can do. But regardless of camera, its the eye behind the lens that matters most. 
This shot was taken recently in a small, sleepy, but up and coming little town in North Georgia called Ballground. It is about an hour and one half drive from Atlanta. I used one of my favorite, but mostly forgotten and certainly underrated camera in recent memory, the Merrill DP1.
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